Top 4 advantages on using chatbots
instead of web forms on your website

Technology Mar 23, 2018

Can i ask you a question!

Do you use web forms or contact forms on your website for generating leads or for collecting website visitor details?

If yes

Then you are missing out on at least 40% of your website visitors who can be easily converted as a lead and then to a customer.

Why i am saying is that when a visitor arrives on your website, if you are able to engage with him as how a human would do, get to know his need and give him an instant response the probability of website visitors to give his contact details are much higher.

This is where you need to consider chatbots, which when placed on your website can initiate a conversation with your website visitor and collect visitor details in seconds than compared to using web forms.

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Below are 4 advantages on using chatbots over web forms

1) Nudge customers to take action

One of the main goals of any website is to provide visitors with required information he is looking for and entice him to take an action such as part with his contact details or if its an online store drive him to make a purchase etc. When compared to web forms chatbots does this task of enticing customers to take an action beautifully.

For eg: When a visitor arrives on website the chatbot can trigger a pop up with info that excites the visitor and there by initiating a conversation with the user which can result in the user parting with his contact info.

2) Target different types of website visitors

While using forms there will be a set of fields for entering information and those fields will be made available for all website visitors. But when a chatbot is used the conversation can be changed for different types of website visitors.

For eg: If a website visitor wants to submit his contact details for the sales team to get in touch with him the chatbot will have a conversation with the visitor collecting the required details needed for sales team to get in touch with the visitor.

3) Chatbots are highly interactive

Filling forms are boring especially long forms, the act of filling forms itself discourages 70% of users from submitting their details. Chatbots offers a much more interesting option for users to part with their details.

4) Analyze your customers

Get to know more about your customers , when a chatbot is used you get more information about your customers such as data on customer conversation, till what level did they converse, what type of information they inquired for etc With such data available you can use it to improve your service quality. Web forms don't provide such options in analyzing customer data.

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